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We will repair, replace and clean your roof and gutters as well as replacing roof sheets or refurbishing roof areas.   We also replace aluminium guttering.  Our portfolio also covers fascia boards and eave refurbishments or replacements as well as the repairing, skimming and painting of ceilings.

Empire Roofing Painting


We also undertake large and small  painting contracts and are well established in this field with skilled professional painters.

Empire Roofing waterproofing


Our staff have experience in the waterproofing of concrete decks with a 4 mm heat fuse system or they can advise on alternative methods best suited  for the problem area.  All waterproofing of parapet walls and any other problem areas are waterproofed with expert knowledge and a team of experience staff.

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Our Roofing Services

Backed by over a decade of experience!

Leak Repairs

We solve any roof leaking problem including storm damage to roofs.   We also solve the problem of chimney leaking and carry out the fitting of side cladding and ridge cappings.

Roof Sheets & Tiles

We undertake the installation of new roof sheets and sisalation  to residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as the replacement of roof tiles.

Refurbish or Replace

We undertake a full refurbishment to roofs of residential, industrial or commercial properties including the replacement of roof sheets.


We replace or refurbish fascia boards.

Aluminium & PVC Gutters

Our services encompass the installation and repair of Aluminium and PVC Guttering.

Construction & Painting

Professional interior / exterior maintenance & renovations service.

Other Services we offer

We offer a range of services to keep your house looking good!


Waterproofing of concrete decks with 4 mm heat fuse malthoid system, waterproofing of  parapet walls, box gutters, chimneys, exterior walls and side and headwall flashings


Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Roof Painting

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